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August 5th

A Day of Rest

Pakistan's provincial presided at the Eucharist and beside him was the provincial of India. It was very significant since the two countries continue to be in tense negotiations. From those who were joined in the Eucharist there arose a spontaneous prayer for peace between those two great countries. The choir from St. Pius V parish also solemnized the Eucharist. The musical director began the ceremony with a "Gloria" and concluded with an "Alleluia". Friar Peter Lobo, India's provincial, preached: the challenges of English or French, the challenges of globalization, of the mission, of justice and peace, of the society have been the themes of these past days, with amendments and corrections. Today we are presented with the Christian challenge. St. Paul invites us to look at the things above. The gospel invites us to not put our confidence in the goods of this world. Before this challenge of the gospel and the sacred texts that we have heard, there are no valid amendments nor abstentions nor, even worse, negative votes. Therefore today we have among us for the first time, total unanimity: 127 affirmative votes, 0 negative votes, 0 abstentions.

It was a free day and it was needed. Each one organized one's day as one wished. Some strolled around, enjoying the sunny day. Others went to Boston for last minute shopping or errands or to visit places of interest. The majority stayed home, editing the last texts, getting translations up to date, reading the last documents, or simply resting. The recorders and the secretary, on the other hand, had an intense day preparing the minutes.

Some valiant ones, in spite of the heart, engaged in a match to see who would win the "Dominican Soccer Cup". It was Europe against the Rest of the World. Europe was the final victor.

Vespers unveiled a new melody for the "Salve Regina", composed by the Secretary General of the Order, Friar Thomas McCarthy.

Later in the day the president (of Providence College) invited us to cocktails, followed by a gala supper. Also present were those who form part of the College Corporation. It was one of our most gala occasions: with the Dominican colors of black and white everywhere, from the napkins to the bags of gifts. The president of the College is to be thanked for his finesse and the splendid meal. Even the necessary speeches were brief.puce

(Translated from Spanish)


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