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July 15th

A Sunday Outing

It was another beautiful morning. We continue to have solemn liturgies, today in English. The mass was especially solemn. The choir of the Dominican parish of Saint Pius V helped create the solemn atmosphere. The soloist shined with full voice and abundant enthusiasm. Also Fr. Brian Pierce accompanied by his guitar and Fr. Marchionda's clarinet. The definitor from the California province often cited Fray Bartolomé de las Casas in the homily. Fray Bartolomé dared to speak against the authorities, like a Good Samaritan, to defend the native peoples, do we have someone today like Fray Bartolomé de las Casas to defend those excluded by the political authorities, so hard on them like the conquistadors?

When we came out from Mass, some buses were waiting for us. We boarded the buses according to a list and we set off for Boston. We travelled on a highway that crossed a flat countryside, totally green, with so many trees that it looked like a jungle, even if it was a domestic one.

In Boston, some went to see the Fine Arts Museum, others went directly to the convent of Saint Stephen in Dover, most went to Harvard University. The university arranged for a student guide to show us the more important parts of the university. The guide entertained us, telling us that to enter Harvard it is not necessary to be very intelligent; all you needed was some ability to play sports. There was one other small necessity: you had to be able to spend $35,000 every year.

We saw the centre for scientific studies. The most striking building is the Memorial to the alumni of the University who died in the war "to defend the unity of the country". The building's tower was burned by students in the seventies. The reconstruction work has just been finished.

We also saw the library. It is the second largest library in the USA after the Library of Congress, and is the largest US university library. The student told us that there are many books ... dusty and humid ... so you can see that the library is little used by the students.

Everywhere on the campus, you can see the word "veritas". You also see it, of course, in the shield of the University. Nevertheless, the student continues in front of the statue of the founder of the University, there are some untruths that can be found in the statue: neither did he found the University; nor was it founded on the date that is etched into the statue; nor did the man represented by the statue found the university. Some then entered into the museum of the University, where you can admire the oldest image of Saint Dominic.

Everyone, those who went to the Fine Arts Museum and those who went to the University re-boarded the buses to go to the convent of Saint Stephen in Dover, of the Province of Saint Joseph. We crossed places so beautiful in a most beautiful afternoon, that the driver preferred not to take the most direct route (some said he made a mistake). The convent used to be the novitiate and studentate of philosophy. Were this not earthly, it would qualify as a paradise. Now, it is a spirituality centre. And so, spiritually our presence in the house began with the solemn singing of verpers.

Later, the spirituality of fraternity continued, stimulated by an abundant and very wet bar-b-cue - American style, that the friars of the convent prepared for all near a pool which itself so spiritual that it was in the shape of a cross. The three hours that we spent there were very brief. Our thanks to the friars of Saint Stephens! puce


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