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July 17th

The small group sessions continue.

It was a rainy day. As we live in different buildings, and the church, the dining hall and the meeting rooms for the commissions are themselves in different buildings, it was a day of rapid relocations to avoid the rain.

The liturgy and songs were in English. The young socius to the definitor from Poland presided. We celebrated the memorial of Blessed Ceslao of Poland. He liked the distinction that yesterday's Italian preacher reminded us of between pécheur and prêcheur. Such that he asked that we convert, now that we are pécheurs, and not like Chorazin and Bethsaida, cities cited in the Gospel reading we had just heard. The tears of one who sees himself as a sinner are preferable to the stubborn attitude of these cities. Tears are not a sign of weakness. The tears of Saint Dominic in Santa Sabina were compatible with the firmness of his decisions. Part of the Eucharistic Prayer was said by one of the vicars of the former USSR in his native language.

The following commissions were established: The Common Life and Contemplation (in English); the Common Life (in Spanish); Challenges for the Religious Life; Challenges from Globalisation, Justice and Society (in French); Economy (in English); Dominican Family (in English and Spanish); Government (in English); Intellectual Life (in English and French); Constitutions (in French and English); Nuns (in English and Spanish) and Vocations and Formation (in English).

The work is serious and continuous. Each commission must briefly present a proposal for a document so the assembly can discuss it.


We had made special efforts to look good today because they had told us that the official picture of the Chapter would be taken today; but it was moved to Friday because of the rain.

Some have asked for more information about the Master than is offered in his curriculum: what is he like, is he tall or short, what are his qualities, etc. He is over 1.8 m (5 ft. 10 in). He is young. He is not all tallness; he also grows sideways! His favourite team is River Plate. He sings well, and I believe he dances the tango very good. He is a good man. The rest (less important) is what you can read in the official curriculum. puce

(Translated from Spanish)

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