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July 18th

The commissions' production of papers ("papelorum progressio") begins.

The international province of the Holy Rosary had the privilege of providing the day's liturgy, while the other three provinces of Spain will have to share one day among them. Provincial Bonifacio García Solís presided and preached. "On some day in some place we also have been surprised by an inexplicable occurrence, such as the bush which burned and was not consumed as recorded in the first reading. We have approached with curiosity and found God there who talked with us and sent us on a mission of liberation. Starting from the Gospel reading, we are the little ones to whom is revealed the word of God. And although we chide ourselves that those are not our most significant virtues - as Dominicans we have to continue being small and humble and communicate that revelation.

This morning the singing of the Benedictus shone brilliantly with the voice of a Puerto Rican friar who sang the psalm while the choir and people repeated the response.

The staff room was already overflowing this morning because the commissions had begun to produce texts. There were so many that the printer was blocked. Some were also taking advantage of sending e-mails because all the staff are connected to a network with an ultra fast connection.

The lieutenant governor of Rhode Island and the mayor of Providence visited with us before dinner. Both were very genial in their talks. As we have seen in the movies, a United States politician is valued if he/she has the ability to make people laugh during a gathering. And they did, especially the mayor. The lieutenant governor had studied at Providence and was full of praise for the College. He wished us a good stay and even an longer stay for the good of the economy of the state. Later he corrected himself: " But I know you have a vow of poverty". The six times elected mayor did not wish so many elections for the new Master: "I don't know what happens with your elections but we always end up in the courts." Then he added: "With respect to your vow of poverty, I have to say that a few days ago I surprised some of you - the Master doesn't know this - in one of the city's restaurants." The mayor is an Italian-American and he had surprised some of the Italian brethren in the restaurant. The mayor presented the Master with the key to the city. Carlos, in the same jocular tone, responded in English that the chapter had approved unanimously to request money from the state of Rhode Island, that he appreciated the presentation of the key, and, by the way, could he give Carlos the address of the restaurant.

The commissions continued to meet in the afternoon. By Friday the commissions will begin to present the basic outlines of their documents in the plenary session. The texts will not be voted on; we will see how they are received by the gathering. No one wants to expound on them as had been done in previous chapters, lest a presented text be rejected and the process have to be redone from the beginning.

There was another soccer game among the young. The star was the provincial of Croatia, Friar Frano Prcela, with four goals.puce

(Translated from Spanish)

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