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July 19th

Hard work for the Commissions

Today's liturgy was entrusted to the Provinces of Portugal and Brazil. The Provincial of Portugal was the presider at the Eucharist. The mass, however, was in French. The psalms of Morning Prayer were in Spanish. Brother Miguel invited us in the introduction to the Mass to thank God in the Eucharist for the unity that has always existed in the Order. The definitor from this same province, Brother Luis de Franca preached. He said that the burden would always be light as we follow Jesus when we live profoundly our common life and also when we are true to our identity. This last he said was from God's response to Moses: "I am who I am". During the communion procession, we sang a Brazilian song.

The work in the commissions continued. Normally they sub-divide themselves since smaller groups seem to work better. In the sub-commissions they discuss a word or a phrase, their suggestions go to the full commission and then return to the smaller groups to continue the discussion. The work in turn is presented in the plenary sessions, and there are some others who want something changed; it returns to the commission and the discussion begins anew, until an agreement is reached. The proposal returns to the plenary session for approval, new counter proposals ... Clearly, even though if only for the effort that it took to produce them, one must read the Acts.

All of this is part of the group-work. The atmosphere of the Chapter is distended. I am not aware of any conflicts in the work of the commissions. I see only joy and satisfaction on the faces of the members.

Brother José Fernández, the Provincial of Brazil, a good brother, presided at vespers, which were sung in French. Brother José Fernández led the intercessory prayers with force in Brazilian Portuguese, so that we would hear a language other than the official ones. He intoned the Our Father in Spanish. Vespers ended with a song to Saint Dominic, whose author and soloist today is the definitor from the Brazilian Province, Vicente Micallef, from Malta. "Queremos fala puce

(Translated from Spanish)

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