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July 21th

Saturday, Celebration of Light

The Eucharist today was the most austere thus far. We even recited the canticle from the book of Wisdom!--which is the first that we recited. Up to this point, all have been sung. There were then more moments of silence. It was all in English (all except the silence, that is). The Provincial of Australia presided, along with him another friar of his province. Pursuant to the request of the secretary of the chapter, a summary of the homily was then read in each of the other two official languages of the chapter (this was not done with the readings, and not because the word of the preacher is more important than the Word of God, but because it is presumed the that the capitulars can recognize the text by cognate key words such as "Moses," Pharaoh," "Egypt," "Capharnaum," "Bethany," "Martha," "disciples," and so on). The Mass was in honor of Mary, and began with "Immaculate Mary," the Lourdes hymn. In the homily the celebrant said that the Australian friars have learned from the Spaniards studying English there (i.e., those of Holy Rosary province) to gather together following meals for a community chat. And it is Mary who always gathers us together to listen to each other and to her Son. Like her, Dominicans must be beget the Word of God and carry it to others. So be it.

There are various opinions about commission work. Some brothers are effusive, truly content with what they are doing. Others say that they feel somewhat blocked. There are those who ask whether it is worth all the work, for with all that has been written recently in chapters, letters, etc., it is not easy to say something new.

The afternoon likewise differed for different brothers: some had to continue poring over texts in commission, others went on a lengthy outing, others opted for the previously mentioned reflection--first during the siesta ("ponder on your bed in silence")--and then in the chapel or elsewhere on campus. A time of meditation in common had been scheduled, while later groups divided up according to language groups. Capitulars were free in attending the meditation in Church and in groups.

Then, as on the previous Saturday, we had the celebration of light. All was in English, except for the "Salve" and "O Lumen" at the end of the procession toward the "statue group" that represented the Virgin Mary giving the Rosary to Saint Dominic. This time there was no individual procession with candle to receive the light of Christ, but rather, in more fraternal fashion, the light was passed on from Dominican to Dominican, radiating out from the central candle, Christ.

It is only just to say a word of thanks to the Dominican student brothers for their work. They are taking care of all the details, participate actively in all the celebrations, organize prayer and recreation. . . . In a word, they are a great help in the healthy functioning of the chapter. puce

(Translated from Spanish)


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