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Our devoted chroniquer at work

Fr. Jesús Hernando, OP

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Our translators for this chronicle :
Michael O'Rourke, OP and Peggy Sause, OP

July 9th : The arrival
July 10th : The opening of the General Chapter
July 11th : We talk of "globalisation"
July 12th : Our contemplative life
July 13th : Silentium pater praedicatorum et pater electorum
July 14th : Te Deum laudamus. Election of the Master of the Order
July 15th : Sunday, excursion day
July 16th : The commissions begin their work
July 17th : The small group sessions continue
July 18th : The commissions' production of papers ("papelorum progressio") begins.
July 19th : Hard work for the Commissions
July 20th : First drafts of the documents
July 21st : Saturday, Celebration of Light

July 22nd : No one missed working in the commissions today
July 23rd : A Morning of Numbers

July 24th : A Day about Africa. 25 years of Inter-African Dominicans ( IAOP)
July 25th : St. James, the Apostle, the Feast of Spain and the Patron of the Province of Mexico.
July 26th : Feast of St. Anne, the patroness of Québec
July 27th :The New Assistants to the Master of the Order
July 28th :To Humanize Globalization
July 29th : Dominican Family Day
July 30th : Good work in the Chapter hall
July 31th : Documentorum Progressio
August 1 : Remembering Bishop Pierre Claverie, OP, assassinated five years ago
August 2: he Grandmother's Feast, Blessed Jane of Aza
August 3 : Agustín Kazotic, the first Dominican blessed from Croatia
August 4 : In the home stretch
August 5 : A Day of Rest
August 6 : Mission Accomplished
August 7 : Next stop Cracow 2004
August 8 : Feast of our father Saint Dominic de Guzman
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