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Welcome to the General Chapter
of the Order of Preachers

August 8 : Feast of Saint Dominic

Homily by Fr. Carlos Azpiroz Costa

The Dominican General Chapter raises a pressing appeal to the international community.

Acts of the General Chapter (PDF)

Last Calendar...

Elected July 14th, 2001

The Order of Preacher's new Master

Fr. Carlos Azpiroz, o.p.

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NEWS FLASH : The next general chapter will be held in 2004 in Cracow, Poland!

Interviews and conferences

200 brothers and sisters from over 102 countries are participating in this 247th Chapter of the Order of Preachers

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, o.p.

1. Timothy's Goodbye
2. Homily to the capitulars
3. Welcome to Carlos

Message of Pope John-Paul II to the capitulars

1. An interview with the master of the Order

2. A brief biography


Greetings from the Master of the Order




Watch for our regular interviews with brothers involved in missions all over the world and for the texts of our guests speakers.

Paul Murray

Antonio Cabrejas

Bob Schreiter

Paul Tran

Albert Nolan

Peter Lobo

Joseph Luat Nguyen Cao

Manuel Rivero

Jean-Thérèse Vauhkonen

Manuel Uña Fernández

Guido Vergauwen


Our audio interviews

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A few dominican projects on the internet

1. Spiritualité 2000 (Canada)

2. Associazione Internazionale dei Caterinati (Siena-Italia)
3. Istituto di Teologia Patristico-Ecumenica (Bari-Italia)
4. Autobahnkirche (Germany)
5. Catherine of Siena Institute (California, USA)
6. Dominican Central (Chicago, USA)
7. Franciscans and Dominicans for Human Rights (UN Geneva)
8. Radio Veritas (South Africa)
9. Domuni (France)
10. Orden de Predicadores (Spain)
11. Conferencia Interprovincial Dominicos America Latina
12. École biblique et archéologique française (english) (Jérusalem)