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Our multilingual audio interviews
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Fr. André Villeneuve and the dialogue between Islam and Christianity (MP3)
Fra Giovanni Matera e l' Istituto di Teologica Ecumenico Patristica Greco Bizantina a Bari (Italia) (MP3)
Fr. Jim Marchionda and his ministry as an artist and musician (MP3)
Fr. Andrzej Kaminski OP- Przelozony Dominikanów w Rosji i na Ukrainie (MP3)
Fr. Bernard Bonvin et l'amour d'écrire (MP3)
Hans-Albert Gunk - Meine Eindruecke vom Generalkapitel (MP3)
Fr. Roger Houngbedji, assistant du Maître de l'Ordre pour l'Afrique (MP3)
Fr. Jean-Michel Poffet et l'École biblique de Jérusalem (MP3)
Fr. Miguel Concha Malo : los dominicos y los medios de comunicación (MP3)

Greetings from the Master of the Order



An International Gathering Of The Dominican Order In Providence (RI) (July 8th, 2001)

An Argentinean succeeds an Englishman as the head of the Dominican Order (July 14 th, 2001)
A presentation of the Master of the Order
Fr. Carlos Alfonso AZPIROZ COSTA, O.P.Biographical Data



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